Breaking the Mould. Stoke.

Sutherland Mausoleum, Trentham

The mausoleum built by the Marquis of Stafford (later the Duke of Sutherland) in 1808 is, 200 years later, the only Grade 1 listed building in Stoke-on-Trent. Sited on Stone Road opposite the main gates of Trentham Gardens it was designed by Charles Heathcote Tatham. He also designed the orangery and large gate posts for Trentham Hall.

The mausoleum is Neo-Eyptian style, a heavy looming block with one door at the front and one window at the back. An equally heavy low central tower has one window in each façade each with louvred shutter. Inside the plan is of a Greek cross with tunnel vaulting. The exterior walls slope inwards and each corner has a massive pier.

In 1907 the bodies contained within the mausoleum were removed and buried in the cemetery grounds.

Nikolaus Pevsner in Buildings of England writes,
"The isolation is a shame; for the building is so overpowering that it needs a good deal of elbow room.... The origin of a design so cyclopean, and so ruthless, is the most radical French architecture of the Boullee-Ledoux period. The architect was indeed Charles Heathcote Tatham, who had spent three years in Rome in the 1790s, at a time when the pensionnaires of the Academie de France in Rome were intoxicated with the ideas of Piranesi and Boullee."

Set in the cemetery grounds opposite Trentham Estate.


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