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Queen's Theatre


Queen's Theatre / Queen's Hall / Townhall,
Wedgwood Place, Burslem,
Stoke on Trent, ST6 4ED


This building was intended as a bigger and grander Town Hall for Burslem and was completed in 1911. However the act of federation of 1910 rendered the town hall redundant and it was opened as the Queen's Hall. It has an impressive corinthian columned ashlar facade with a large attic storey above. The three giant doorways lead through the origina foyer to the partially restored grand theatre. The plasterwork and enormous art deco lamps are striking.

In living memory it was a venue full to capacity. Robbie Williams trod the boards here as a child.

The building is a venue again and has been saved from dereliction but it is nowhere near as busy as others in the region and the Queens remains a shadow of its former self when it was a cornerstone of the cultural life of the town and region. To return to full capacity the venue needs restructuring and modernisation on many levels. Parts of the building appear to be altogether unused and could be redeveloped.

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